Friday, September 10, 2010


Day 10- Songs you listen to when you are Happy, Sad, Bored, Hyped, Mad

Are you trying to melt my brain...I am so difficult. You see...most music I listen to for all 5...some songs that I listen to when I really happy one day...I can listen to another day when Im quite down...So...AWKWARD...I...AM

Sad: A perfect circle - 3 libras (I love love this song tho, and will listen to it on repeat when the mood strikes...even if not sad)
         Dresden Dolls - The Wind That Shakes The Barley (live cover)
         Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Maps
         PJ Harvey - White Chalk
         Miike Snow - Slyvia
         Coldplay - Yellow
         Snow Partol - Set the Fire to the Third Bar
         Art Garfunkle - Bright Eyes

Hyped: There really is only one that gets me going...even when I'm asleep
              Late of The Pier - Heartbeats (Hot Chip remix)

Bored: I dont really listen to music when Im bored...I listen to the radio I guess...

Mad: Tool, A Perfect Circle and Mindless Self Indulgence


All other music, and even what is above...I would listen to while happy.
As a general rule, I dont listen to any specific music when for example, going through a break up, or travelling somewhere specific...because I dont like associating things with music. I used to, but not so much now. I like the music to live on its on, and for me to take different things from it depending on the day and my mood...instead of just thinking of one thing when I listen to a certain song.
I love Tegan and Sara...i think everyone knows that now...I love Dresden Dolls, New Young Pony Club, The XX, pretty much every dubstep made mix up the boy has downloaded over the last couple years, 4tet, Passion Pit, Foals, Late of the Pier, Jamie T....the list goes on endlessly... 

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