Friday, September 3, 2010

Little slice of Heaven

This is where I was today...Mulranny...
Take a right at newport, and its straight passed the pearly gates, opposite the big book of judgement.

I was helping Alex's mum out with setting up a church for a wedding...a really cute, small little church. 
The mountains in the distance are the chain that Crough Patrick is a part of...actually, the Reek is directly opposite the church, but its the back side of its more sloped, and all that makes you aware of what it is is a tiny bump on the top...the church...

I really enjoyed my day. Me and Jackie talked, and had lunch, walked down to the beach...I took some pics, obviously...then went home.
Popped into the house to say hi to andy and play fetch with junior for a few minutes. 
Andy is so funny...he really makes me laugh. I miss hanging out in Alex's house with her family. The couple of weeks before she left, I felt like I lived I havent seen them since we dropped her off at the it was nice to touch it wouldnt be too awkward when I did see them.

I walked home from town...I  *love*  walking, I always have. It lets me think, or switch off...whichever needs to be done. Whenever I get stressed, mum always tells me to 'drink water and go for a walk'
Both work for me.
When I walk, alot of things come to the surface...I am bubbleing with ideas and plans...
Now its just a matter of getting them out of my head, and onto paper, and on the wall...
So much to much time...

I love being able to finally say that


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