Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hope is all this and more

'Hope is a Feather'
Hope is a bird
Hope is a ship coming in from the sea
'Hope feels like the only thing left to hold on to, when there is nothing left concrete'
'Hope is the name of the weakest branch you have the misfortune to grab hold of when your falling to your death'
Hope is noise
Hope is a song
Hope is a small four letter word
Hope is a child's face
Hope is the bright horizon after a storm
Hope is a feeling
Hope is a state of mind
Hope is a lifestyle choice
Hope is Positive
Hope is Negative
Hope is a nest, cradling you until you are strong again
Hope can heal every broken heart
Hope can mend every broken bone
Hope is a feeling, selfgenerating, and invisible…like faith…and love
Hope is all we have right now
Hope is all any of us has right now

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