Thursday, April 26, 2012

Independents Day !

I went. I saw. I enjoyed!

Yes yes yes! The Independents' Day zine fair was this Sunday just gone in the Dublin Food Co-Op (in the Liberties...something I didn't know till I got there). And I am still a very happy and excited little cat after it. I was so excited to just be there that I was actually talking to complete strangers (lovely strangers and all) and more than likely made a slight fool of myself. Or maybe I just came across as enthusiastic. Ill go with enthusiastic for now!
My lovely cousin put me up, and after a cozy night's sleep (with an open fire no less) and breakfast with real coffee, he brought me to the venue. Being enthusiastic, I was the very first stall holder there. I think the organizers got a wee shock. But yes. Yes, I was there, and totally excited :)
The Dublin Food Co-Op is held in what I think is a warehouse of some description. They have long lengths of fabric which make a lovely canopy overhead, and it's very open and bright and nice. There is also a permanent mini cafe in the back corner where they make things like avocado on toast with garlic blossoms, and rooibos tea. So I was sort of in heaven all day.
Being only the second zine fair I've ever been too or been a part of, I was pleasantly surprised to see many familiar faces from the last one I did. Even more surprised when people remembered me! How lovely. Nice familiar faces included : Jess of ESC, Jane  , The dude with the intimidateingly amazing comics, Elida with SLOW and of course many unfamiliar but equally lovely zine-sters, customers, organizers and friends of friends.

There was a lovely atmosphere, lovely people, lovely food and really cool music and it was a privilege to be a part of something so edgy and different. I'm already looking forward to the next one, and have a few little ideas hatching away. 
Thanks to all who organized the event, took part, bought stuff, swapped things, came and saw and supported me and all of us of this wacky journey - bringing colour and interesting things to the masses on a completely do it yourself indie way. Viva La Revolucion!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hello Lovlies!
I will be at the Independents' Day zine fair this Sunday, the April 22 ^^^^
It's in the Dublin Food Co-op, which is close to the Coombe, a part of Dublin I am completely unfamiliar with, but Im sure Ill find it easy enough!
I'm really looking forward to it, and have since Jane went back in 2010 at the last one. I have some tricks up my sleeve, some oldies but goodies, owls of course, a new zine and some beastly jewelry.
So if your about and want to see moi, or just experience something fabulously different, come on down!!!

See you there

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Waiting for Autumn (detail)

As always, I am busy busy busy. I've swapped my drawings for some sewing as I've had several welcomed as always commissions for lovely people.
I came to 'crafting' quite late, falling into it rather than searching it out. However, it has become quite a large part of my life now, and as I grow and try new things, my skills become more honed and I am much more confident now than I was when first beginning.
I enjoy making pieces for people, but there is always an added pressure that comes along with any commission.
My number one guide for making my Owl Brooches is to wait until they look like they are looking back at me, that's when I know they are right, when I can begin sewing them up.
I am hoping to extend and to branch out into other shapes soon, not just owls. But, of course, that for now is top secret!
Please feel free to check out my flickr, as it is updated fairly regularly with lots of lovely things :)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Nana Lala Finished

This was a very special present for my godmother which I presented to her on the one year anniversary of my nana/her mother's passing. This piece took a long time. When you are working on something so close you nearly spend too much time on it, if that's possible. Perfecting, doubting, wanting to start all over again, falling in love, thinking your great, then doubting again. It's the fear, or the horrors. Or nature. I'm not sure. But its such a precious thing in the end.
I think the dude who made the frame did an ace job, and I'll definitely be using him again. The flower arrangement came from my nana's 93 birthday cake, my godmother wanted them included and I think they add something special. It's like a mini shrine, or that's what I was thinking of as I put all the elements together.
Her face lit up when she opened the package, I can't describe it. Artist's hold a certain humble pride, I think...well many do anyway. And watching her discover every detail, looking at it fixedly for several long minutes, holding it gently and walking around the house trying to find someplace safe to hang it, well I couldn't be happier. More please. More relieved that she liked it so much.
"It's like she's looking out at me"
Well, what more can I say? Isn't that payment enough?