Thursday, April 5, 2012

Nana Lala Finished

This was a very special present for my godmother which I presented to her on the one year anniversary of my nana/her mother's passing. This piece took a long time. When you are working on something so close you nearly spend too much time on it, if that's possible. Perfecting, doubting, wanting to start all over again, falling in love, thinking your great, then doubting again. It's the fear, or the horrors. Or nature. I'm not sure. But its such a precious thing in the end.
I think the dude who made the frame did an ace job, and I'll definitely be using him again. The flower arrangement came from my nana's 93 birthday cake, my godmother wanted them included and I think they add something special. It's like a mini shrine, or that's what I was thinking of as I put all the elements together.
Her face lit up when she opened the package, I can't describe it. Artist's hold a certain humble pride, I think...well many do anyway. And watching her discover every detail, looking at it fixedly for several long minutes, holding it gently and walking around the house trying to find someplace safe to hang it, well I couldn't be happier. More please. More relieved that she liked it so much.
"It's like she's looking out at me"
Well, what more can I say? Isn't that payment enough?



Jane O Sullivan said...

absolutely beautiful

Shelky Bean said...

Thanks Jane for your lovely comment. I am so relieved to have the piece finished and gone to its new home! Im also happy I kept it very clean and simple, as I was tempted several times to flesh it it, but it the end, I think its much stronger just the way it is.
Mardy was delighted with it which was a relief :) I cant wait to go to monaghan again and see where she has it hung up!