Tuesday, December 2, 2008

i need help

i need help in deciding what hair styl i should get done.
i promis once this is decided i will upload pics/movie (if such a miracle is possible) of my lovely lip piercing!

im getting my tat soon, once it is perfectly designed and has been vetted by the necessairy people.

Much love and kisses to fie on her burfday!!!!


so yes, choose one!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


ok its been awhile i reaslise...i dont even know if i have anything to say
im super busy with college work...and shouldnt even be on this...i guess im just leaving my mark...let me see
no...i dont have anything to post as of yet...




Wednesday, September 24, 2008

uh huh her

they are amazing...

my new addiction...


Friday, September 12, 2008

just a few little tid bits...

i have yet again made the treck down to galway for the year ahead...a little trepidation is in the air...in a small cloud...which is perched just above my head...but, alas...blah.
im getting over it. i think my people phobia is waneing, but i can still feel it in my chest. this little...pulling, slightly uncomfortable, inability to breathe...and strong urge to scream,whenever i am in town, in the car, walking...etc...
alex keeps asking if i am ok, am i sad...do i miss home.
i dont think that is it exactly.
as a little birdie said to me recently, there is an inevitability in the air. a force of strong, unrelenting change. this is what is takeing all power away from me and insureing that come monday, i will be a, dare i say it, drone in the system.
no no, not quite...
i am feeling the current, like a whirlpool, scoupeing me up and carrying me off in a direction i am too weak to fight against.
but at the same time, its not an all together bad thing. i think i am copeing with it quite well, i have no reason to complain this year, and i should think that i wont, but catching my breath is poseing difficult at this time, when thinking on the coming days and weeks,and year.
but i am going to keep my head up and try and see through the shrinking cloud, and carry on and smile, smile, smile

this is a painting i did for my granny's 80th birthday. dad asked me at the start of the summer, when i was doing the other portrait, which ill put pics up of later, if i would do the same for nan. he and i are both happy with the out come...all drama aside...

Monday, August 4, 2008

first collaborative piece!!!

thanks to my keen handleing of green fimo, and jane's brilliance at everything else-so was born this exquisite lace choker-sported by my best and most regurlar custormer, maureen. she looks so dotey here, and the necklace looks great!

new owls in situ

these are the latest 'blast eyes' owls, in the beautiful surroundings of queen jane's market stall, in galway. dont they just look like they're about to fly away.
still loveing the green one. shes very cheeky indeed :)


this is the first owl i ever made, inspired by my mother and our bond...owls are all seeing, all knowing, silent and magical creatures...they can see the secrets in everyone...
her main body is coiled in a basket formart, to create a womb like vessel...a hollow place for hideing our secrets...a safe place to nest. rose eyes...a coiled beak and feet. she has stuffed wings and head.
at the moment, due to my inability to brind the tree home, she is currently perched in the kitchen at home...
you would even know she was there
if she wasnt neon green

image overload!!!

these are some of my lovely owl, which i am most proud of...you have to admit she is a real charmer...
(found materials inc. buttons, patterned fabric and lace. stuffed with wadding and sand)

my god the relief i just felt finally haveing some new images to look at!!! hooray!!!

next please

Monday, July 21, 2008


bird placemat c/o queen jane
and my badges, before they were anywhere close to being...well...badges

I had a definite out of body experience last night. The mantua badge art festival, exposition….show.
It was most humble, more human, more real feeling then I had anticipated…thank God. The last thing I wanted to land down to was a stuffy, pristine gallery space with people sipping wine and talking about the state of the country or some rubbish…instead it was a house party…an all singing, all dancing, welcome at the door for the artists and anyone else who was there..everyone was super friendly…we were offered a place to crash the night if we didn’t want to go home…and I nearly would have stayed if I knew that was an option going down there…because it was the type of place that you don’t want to leave in a hurry…I think there is something that really attracts me to living with large groups of people…it felt very boarding school-eske…the common room with the fireplace…the big warm kitchen with the massive range and kettle…two dogs and an uber friendly cat…an owl calender in the kitchen clinched it for me…not to mention the cranes in the main common room…I wasn’t quite sure who lived there or who had just come for the party, but the atmosphere was amazing…we arrived just when the first singer was wrapping up…she sounded amazeing though…the second was a guy whos songs were stories, brilliantly orchestrated, in a very subtle eye-fluttering, mouth twitching way…I was mesmerized…he has either seen the world, or like Emily dickenson, has a fascinating imagination…I am thrilled to have had the pleasure of listening to him for the short set that he did…
From little acorns…as jane says…and the web of connectivity…the chart if you will…becomes ever clearer…I never thought that my badges would be in the same room as dominic stevens’ children…or even jane o Sullivan for that matter…what a privilage

I arrived home to have to take my clothes off the line…thanks to my brother not doing what I told him to do, as usual…then he arrived home…its strange to see him drive down the lane…hes growing up…I guess I am too…
Then we stayed up till about 3 talking, as we do…

Saturday, July 19, 2008



Identity is described in the dictionary as:
State of being a specified person or thing.
Individuality or personality.

Our identity is one of the most personal things about ourselves. It’s wrapped up in the clothes we wear, what music we listen to, where we were born, who we grew up with, what type of television and movies we watch, what we eat, where we shop, how well we did in school…and many other factors.
From the moment of birth, sometimes before hand, we are identified as male or female. Or vitals are taken, weight, height, blood type…
Everything is given a label-colour of eyes, hair, how many fingers, how many toes…this is our physical identity…straight out of the womb. BABY
As we grow, and develop, culture and nurtureing shapes what will become our own identity and personality. What toys we played with,(studies have shown that little girls are more prone to play with dolls then cars and vis versa for little boys…) what tv, if any we watched, the atmosphere in the house we grew up…what sort of family unit we were born into. Everything shapes us, even the smallest things can have a huge impact.
Adolescence seems to be the time when ones identity becomes paramount to just about everything else. We try to find ourselves in everything around us…we change the clothes we wear to see if we belong with certain groups of people. We listen to every type of music we can in order to find the one that speaks the most to us. Every heartbreak makes us feel as if we cant continue on…because everything is huge when your that young…
It must be different for everyone, but I think I began to understand who I am when I was 16…and 16 is the age I will always be in my mind…
I found my identity then, and have been holding onto it for dear life ever since

But is it really important?

I have watched people change their fundamental identity over the course of a summer…from black to multicolour. From gothic music to dance.
Are these people chameleons. Or do they not know who they really are?
Or is everyone on this earth susceptible to the same.
Could I wake up tomorrow morning and decide that from now on I am only going to wear mens suits?

I believe that our identity is the most important thing about us, because it includes everything that we have ever been through. Everything that we will ever go through. Our identity is our calling card, it is a walking advertisemant-if you like what you see then I mite like you, but if you don’t, stay away, I don’t want to know you.
That can be good and bad
Ill write about that later

Our identity is our individuality
Its what makes us different from everyone else
It means that I am exclusive, and so are you
It is our own name
And all the talents we have
It is our ideology, based on our life experiences
All our traits
Identity is you, it is what makes you who you are and what makes me what I am.

So much in such a little word. So much work. So much to think about.
What is my identity…how would I describe myself to a friend, to a stranger?
Would their first impression of me change based on what I tell them…would a close friend still reguard me as a close friend knowing that description…?


Sunday, July 13, 2008

for you my heart

i had trouble sleeping last night...i was so awake. i think i went to bed at around 4 but couldnt even bare shutting my eyes.
this morning i woke up early to see a familiar light. though the cracks of the blinds, this pale light was creeping in. it was the same light that i saw in the summers in the states. that pale, nearly yellow light that always means that its going to be so hot you wont be able to breathe at around noon, and that there are thunder showers on the way. the most amazeing feeling swept over me, something i havent felt for the place in a long time
i swore the last time that i would never go back again, but i think its time. maybe the summer after next ill be ready to give it another go, but for now i will just be a little 'home' sick for the warmth, the light and the storms

Friday, June 27, 2008

I am currently sporting a new fabulous haircut, inspired by the very talented Leisha Hailey…its tre funky and very shot, but so cute and sweet…I could be mistaken for being vain at the moment…
Short hair, with the exception of the bob, has always suited me more then long hair. And yet, at any time of the year, no matter what age I am, 9 times out of 10, when you meet me, I will have long

I have just watched one of the most adorable puppet childrens programs- called the HERBS…its from 1968 and is British made…absolutely loved it. Beautifully made…and the characters…especially sage (the owl) and parsley (the lovely lion) are gorgeous!

Also just enjoying the supurbe sigur ros albums Queen Jane lent me yesterday…Hoppipolla is without a doubt one of my most favorite songs of all time…love it to distraction

Painting in my room and getting it done…its looking good. Dad occasionally wanders in to check on the progress…which is really sweet.
Our 2 year old trees at the back of the house look as if they are about to snap in the wind…very wintery outside…such a bummer…I was planning on painting outside in the sun…
Its so dark outside that I have to have my bedroom light on…
Some summer this is turning out to be…

I’m sure it will get better again…fingers crossed!
Waiting for ink to dry is as nice as painting with it…I love the stuff…can’t get enuf of it…the painting is really starting to pull together now…next to block out the spaces for the faces, and then the faces themselves. I hope sheets will like it…I’m sure he will…hes been waiting for it for ages now…


i am becoming disillusioned with the weather in that, i cant relax or unwind or feel rested when it behaving like its winter outside...its unacceptable and i am very unhappy with it...!
where was this unseasonal weather the last few weeks i was in college?
it was in the Arctic, or Australia or where ever winter is this time of year...
while i was stitching away at sally and Reilly2, what was it doing outside? it was splitting the stones in half and then some...
and now when i can be outside and enjoy myself, what greets me every morning...
gale force winds
and daddy's poor trees bending over from the onslaught...

i am getting my hair all chopped off tomorro...really looking forward to that...its nearly a tradition at this stage, i almost always get my hair cut once the summer arrives, well i did in the states because it was too hot for long hair in the summer, and come winter, it will have grown back a good bit for the cold weather. so im getting it sitting on my sholders, very layered and hopefully she will stlye it for me a little
the boy goes to her, so she must be good...i hope she is and i dont come home crying, which is what happens every time i get my hair cut here...it always ends in tears.

the weather was beautiful tonight
i hope its nice tomorro, i really do think a sun dance is in order!

Monday, June 16, 2008

i am very quickly loseing my patience with this computer...

i have stupidly neglected my obligation and duty to check my mailbox for quite some time due to work and college...thinking that it would only take a matter of minutes at some time during the summer to clear out the cob webs...
how wrong was i !
i have been deleating messages for the last 2 hours...when i delete, more come through...
it has been between 690 and 700 messages for some time now, and it has just gone up to 1000! gripping stuff i know. im getting to the point where i just want to erase my email account and start a new one...but i cant bring myself to it...
it would be like getting a new mobile number...i would have to email my new address to everyone i knew and change my details on every blog/journal/website thingy i have...

so i am determined to clear it out tonight...even if i dont sleep at all.

on a better and more positive note, these are some pictures on my enchanted animals for my finished piece this year (2nd year). im going to pick them up from school on thursday, i miss them!

luna the basket owl...she is just so squishable and green...a real character with her funny spindley feet!

and a whimsicle looking sally, without eyes or whiskers or anything really...just stuffed...!

i loved her at this stage because she was so very vulnerable, and i could imagine her looking a million different ways, and she wasnt any of them, which i loved :)

a finished sally and luna!

their sitting most likely on the floor in this one-im not one for studio shots!!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

I am here and trying to figure this out...

I will be putting my Pictures up soon, as soon as i can...

And i am trying to find Siobhan,,, but that is for another day