Friday, June 27, 2008


i am becoming disillusioned with the weather in that, i cant relax or unwind or feel rested when it behaving like its winter outside...its unacceptable and i am very unhappy with it...!
where was this unseasonal weather the last few weeks i was in college?
it was in the Arctic, or Australia or where ever winter is this time of year...
while i was stitching away at sally and Reilly2, what was it doing outside? it was splitting the stones in half and then some...
and now when i can be outside and enjoy myself, what greets me every morning...
gale force winds
and daddy's poor trees bending over from the onslaught...

i am getting my hair all chopped off tomorro...really looking forward to that...its nearly a tradition at this stage, i almost always get my hair cut once the summer arrives, well i did in the states because it was too hot for long hair in the summer, and come winter, it will have grown back a good bit for the cold weather. so im getting it sitting on my sholders, very layered and hopefully she will stlye it for me a little
the boy goes to her, so she must be good...i hope she is and i dont come home crying, which is what happens every time i get my hair cut always ends in tears.

the weather was beautiful tonight
i hope its nice tomorro, i really do think a sun dance is in order!

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