Monday, February 27, 2012

My maternal Grandmother passed away this time last year and her daughter (my godmother) asked me to do a portrait with a bit of a twist. I have finally completed the portrait to a point where I am satisfied with it. It will be mounted in a box frame. A flower arrangement which was on nana's 93 birthday cake will be to the left hand side of the portrait inside the frame. When it is totally finessed Ill post it...promise.
As flattered as I am to be commissioned/asked/begged to do things for friends and family, it is always a massive pressure, especially with something as personal and raw as this particular project.
My grandmother was a pretty amazing woman. She was a prolific writer of poetry and songs, she was an inventive chef and wasn't afraid of anything. She supported her children without faltering and gave them every chance she could. She was a pioneer. I wish I had known her back then. I know I would have really liked her.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

We are Gods, We are Monsters 2012

It is a blustery, changeable day out there, so I don't feel a bit guilty drinking copious amounts of tea and drawing Rhino ladies. I've submitted this little number, it has indeed flown the coop, and is now in the trustful hands of the Tinderbox Network. I had an unhealthy amount of fun working on this one, and have a feeling Rhinos will be joining my girls with lions for quite some time to come ^.^

Happy weekend all.

~ S.B.

Friday, February 17, 2012

We are gods, we are monsters 2012

New work inspired by the beautiful, funny, moving and thought provoking play Jane and I went to see last night entitled Rhinoceros by Eugene Ionesco. Im doing this drawing for Tinderbox's Gods and Monsters zine. I think it's in the second half of the play one of the characters is looking out at the Rhinoceroses and says "They are like gods"...then the main character says something to the effect of "They are MONSTERS"
When they said it I nearly fell off my seat, as Ive been struggling with the task of getting something together for the zine for some time. But Im happy so far with this drawing, all I have to do is add some finishing details and decide if something should go in the background, as the circles are a bit too strong I think. Ill finish it off tomorrow and post the result :)