Sunday, July 11, 2010

the thunder in my heart...

Im presently watching the final match in the world cup on alexs bed with her and her brother...well Im not really watching it, Im catching up on internet related buisness...

This week is going to be hectic because of Eoghain's birthday on Saturday...Mam is so nervous about the house not being ready...but I know itl all get done in the end...I am the master of completing impossible tasks at the last moment...procrastination is my middle name

I read Twilight because Eclipse was a better movie then Twilight was...but Twilight the book...lets just saw a 13 year old girl could have knocked out something ten times better...

Ill read the rest of them, only because I cant just leave it at that, and it was easy mindless reading, which took no effort or time at all...

After that, ill have to find something better...

After Eoghain's birthday im going to start designing my next tattoo...That will keep me excited about that!

So doing stuff around the house, gardening and general tidying up, then hopefully get my room finished, its so nearly there...we got the lawn cut today, so thats a relief...just bits and pieces...and hopefully, if all goes well this week, ill be able to go up to sligo next week and visit grace and liudas and bug bug :) That will be bliss indeed :)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

I know, I know, I know

It has been awhile, but it will be awile more before I can properly update this slightly neglected, for the moment, space.

Lun-DON was an experience, I am totally inspired and rearing to get up and go and do and make and be...but I have to SHtall for a little while because there are other things that I have to do and make and be at the moment.

It was GREAT spending some quality time with my girls before we all had to part. London was vee hot, and we all were vee tired most of the time, but any down time we had I really enjoyed...Also, had so much fun with Emma, while Im really greatful for...Yea, NEW friend!!!

Climbed the Covet Garden staircase out of the tube by accident- mental note to self: NEVER do that again!

Went to Eclispe...and now I'm hooked on disappointed in myself!

Ate lunch in the park in Islington nearly everyday...went for nice walks, popped into Camden for a mooch, saw Ben and the Eye, went to the Tate and the National Portrait Gallery, which I really enjoyed...hmm...what else ?

The building New Designers was held in was AMAZING...I would love to convert it into a house...the ceiling alone took my breath away...

So now what am I at?

Well its raining outside, so Im unpacking from Galway, still...then when that is done I have to walk my poor dogs, their eyes are just following me around everywhere...then I have to do the garden cuz its looking pretty sad, like the dogs.
It was Eogahins 21st yesterday, and Alex's 23rd today, her party isnt till tomorro tho, so it gives me a little time to rest up, and the boy's isnt till next weekend, which gives me a little time to get the house in order...

Over all I'm good, wrecked, but good...

I'm going to set up a writing blog soon, as soon as Ive done everything else that needs doing, so I'll be able to keep this just for art stuff :)


ta ta for now

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