Friday, September 19, 2014


I have been making necklaces all week. The table is set, and I have been adding bits and pieces as the days have gone on. I must say that I am thoroughly enjoying it, as so much of my other work is digital and intricate...this feels very real and natural. Natural in the process of making, should I say?

The Hama Beads are so finicky, but the effect is quite striking. I must get some different colours, like grey and shades of blue.
The cluster necklaces have been a complete joy! I've been collecting and gifted beads for years, saved broken necklaces and picked things up along the way. It feels quite exciting to be now using these treasures to create something totally different and new. 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

14 Days

Recently I collaborated with a very talented writer and musician. Over 14 days, I did quick 30min sketches, emailed them to him, and he responded with a poem. We decided to leave them 'as is' without further tweaking or edits - o.k that's a lie, we did a tiny minimal amount of editing, otherwise I would have been tempted to finish the really sketchy ones. Overall I think the result is rather interesting because it shows how I work - pulling collages together first in order to work out my ideas, then the sketchy draft and lastly the finished, polished piece. 
I really enjoyed this project as it allowed me to quickly work out some things that had been floating around in my head and loosely scribbled in notebooks. The time limit and the thought that my collaborator was waiting for my drawings added a nice pressure. There are still 4 more that need their accompanying written piece, but they will be updated when that happens. I hope you find the finished result interesting :)

We must get to the slopes, past 
The choppy waves, I have a wish
In my bones to arrive, it does not
Matter if I'm asleep or awake.

A howling gale is splashing the waters 
And wrinkles grip my skin like ropes, 
The mast of my sail is still strong and 
My compass gives right direction and scope.

After a cold evening playing outside
Toes licked at the fireplace,
And the eyes and face have felt
The rising chimney stacks
Bricked across suburban 
Heights unbothered 
In the sun.

Biscuit crumbs on
The carpet,
I'm not allowed,
But I want to,
The gate is pretty
Hard and it holds
The velvet lake of lips,
Sculpted and

The grass seed is still hard,
Too heavy for the wind and
Quiet as monks in a canoe,

Dragonflies move closer
To the time when they will
Be spread out on a tablecloth,
Or drying on a clothes horse

By a fire, upended 
And cast aside.

It is not found here,
It is in the valleys and the fields
Under the clouds that rain down
And the leaves that fall.
It is in the train that passes by 
mucking the sleet, burning the coals,
Under street lamps upon coastal
Promenades smashed by winds
And in the hedges sheltering the birds.
It is in the trickle running down the bark 
And on the spade standing at the shed,
Quietly waiting without a word,
Asking for no more.

Rock has two or three colors, depending
On the season. The north facing wall has 
Marks and lichens, put there in cold fronts.

October birch is pale faced as a baby in 
A pram spinning a rattle of doves and fishes,

Waiting to leave and be set 
Alight with the bulrushes.

In dreams,
Change shape,
They want to be like us, make
Love, but when
They awake they revert
Back to their own ways.
Uploading data and
Adding numbers,
Repeating function.
It would be nice to touch
Skin, or in the right moment be frank.

Shelves of rain on the meadow
As if they were
Ghosts in the wild

Twinkling in swathy complexions
Moving southwards
Over the bog,

Horseman's boot upon the peat
And a martyr 
For the cause,

For a moment, taking
A leap
Of Suicide.

Never a fear in play, springing
Around in silhouettes, jumping at
Flies and annoying horses

Only when I lie down
Do you come and smell me,
Fast and innocent

Patter paw on dirty floor

Came to see you and say hello.
I just wanted to go there and see
What happens. It's good to get 
Away. I'll know when I get there!
Last time on the train I fell asleep
In one town and woke up in another.
Do you still go to the woods every
Morning after breakfast and pick
Flowers. I like that. I should make 
More time for my own morning 
Strolls. My Mother is asking for you,
'Are you's two stilling palling around
With each other'. I wish She wouldn't
Ask anymore, but mother's are like 
That, so its alright. Anyway, I am your
Pal! I'll call next week.

Take care.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


September feels very much like the start of a new year for me. I don't know if that's left over programming from being a student for most of my life, or if it's being super in tune with the seasons...but it's a nice feeling. A fresh start. The whitethorn is busy blushing away outside. Most things are beginning to take on a little golden glow, while the flowers are on their last stretch...some late bloomers and second flushes stand out like neon against everything else.
I am busy writing and making lists. The last month has been so busy, formative, enlightening, wonderful and inspiring. I have *too many* pet projects at the moment. But it's brilliant. I don't think I've ever had so many ideas and little side projects going at the same time, so it feels great!

One thing I'm working on at the moment is a self portrait, something I haven't even thought of doing since...maybe 2nd year of college? This is a tiny clip of it. My plan is for it to be quite massive, incorporating quite a few ideas that have been swimming around in my head for some time. Drawing myself has been a learning experience for sure. It was very tempting when I started to alter my shape and size, for purely vain reasons. But I was very strict with myself. A self portrait is a self portrait...if your going to start editing yourself it loses all meaning. There's enough fantastical things going on without me cutting down my dress size. Besides...aren't we supposed to be living in a more accepting, bikini body, feminist etc society?

The number 5 seems to hold a significance in my life that I am only now beginning to explore and understand. It has been 5 years since my last proper visit to Kylemore (where I went to school for 5th and 6th year). Most of my relationships last in and around 5 years unless they are particularly strong or deep. When I clocked this I delved a little further. Numerology looks at the shape of the number as well as other factors. And 5 is the most dynamic and energetic of all the single digit numbers. It is also in constant need of change. Which would explain this 5 year phenomena that appears to govern my life. It is something that deeply interests me and I would like to look at in more detail and drag in to my work :)

I spent 3 lovely days with a really amazing friend recently. The energy and inspiration from that magical time has food for my soul.