Tuesday, May 19, 2009

im just going to bang some stuff up here...

This is of course susie, the most adorable, if slightly bulimic cat that ever lived...she eats and eats, but seems to be losing weight. Id love to know her secret...

She has been silently creeping around the house the last few days; yesterday she let herself into my room and made my bed her very cozy corner for the remainder if the daylight hours...i didnt mind tho, i was glad for the company

And eventho she has her own basket in the laundry room, which mother reluctantly got for her, she still sneeks up to the spare room and hides out there for entire warm afternoons...

I dont know where shes getting the guts all of a sudden, she used to be quite happy to be confined to the kitchen, and the great outdoors...

I am missing my threads and needles and general finikityness of sewing...
Im working on something at the moment which is pretty much paint based, so ive hidden my sewing materials for the moment...

They do look extra delish when their in their groups :)

Two images of Karen ka ying wong...i love these.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Little kitty...hand and machine stitching onto calico...first stages

Little kitty, finished. Hand and machine embroidery
Little kitty in his new home...unfinished...found dream landscape...im still working on this

im finished...nearly!!!

These are images of my space as it was last week, before i set up for my presentation on thursday. I have trouble working in order, or on something pristine. I am so much more inspired by chaos and mess, then sterile organisation.
The first images shows brainstorming sheets, card embroidery on the window ledge and some books that have been making me happy!

This next one is from further back, i dont have much wall space, but i dont mind at all, i have to be facing a window, or i would go insane! So more of the same...where is my table?!

These are my wall cats, they are painted directly onto the wall with ink, arcylic, pen, crayon and anything else i could find in my bag. I did them in January when i got back to college...i hadnt done anything art related for ages cuz i was so tied up with my thesis, that everything else was forgotten...one side of the brain at a time. i love them, they really take over the space, and make me feel taken care of... <3
Card cats, newsprint cats and books... :)

this is amazing!!!



Sunday, May 10, 2009

im just going to have a little rant now because if i dont, there will be a human super nova...and ill destroy us all

money was quite possibly the WORST invention...

i cannot print anything at college because i actually own the printer money
and surprise surprise
ive got none.

ive spent the last four days MOUNTING which cost me about 40 euro in the cheapest card i could get my little mits on, hence the reason i have no dosh now. so instead of finishing off my finished pieces, ive been measuring, and cutting, and breaking my spine in the process...

i am so so so tired. but im not sleeping tonight. sleep is for the weak and the wicked, i cannot afford to spend any time sleeping...i can sleep on tuesday.

attitudes and nerves are running thin and cranky here at college. im starting to wonder about the true nature of people, and if i even should be let come back.
this place is soul crushing...


i feel better now

Friday, May 8, 2009

me and squeek this time two years ago.
its amazing to see how far the two of us have come along

we have grown so much together, adopted eachothers personalities even...

i have had such a rough two weeks
just had my interview for next year
and had my seminar yesterday.

bring on the summer!!!