Sunday, May 10, 2009

im just going to have a little rant now because if i dont, there will be a human super nova...and ill destroy us all

money was quite possibly the WORST invention...

i cannot print anything at college because i actually own the printer money
and surprise surprise
ive got none.

ive spent the last four days MOUNTING which cost me about 40 euro in the cheapest card i could get my little mits on, hence the reason i have no dosh now. so instead of finishing off my finished pieces, ive been measuring, and cutting, and breaking my spine in the process...

i am so so so tired. but im not sleeping tonight. sleep is for the weak and the wicked, i cannot afford to spend any time sleeping...i can sleep on tuesday.

attitudes and nerves are running thin and cranky here at college. im starting to wonder about the true nature of people, and if i even should be let come back.
this place is soul crushing...


i feel better now

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