Monday, August 4, 2008

first collaborative piece!!!

thanks to my keen handleing of green fimo, and jane's brilliance at everything else-so was born this exquisite lace choker-sported by my best and most regurlar custormer, maureen. she looks so dotey here, and the necklace looks great!

new owls in situ

these are the latest 'blast eyes' owls, in the beautiful surroundings of queen jane's market stall, in galway. dont they just look like they're about to fly away.
still loveing the green one. shes very cheeky indeed :)


this is the first owl i ever made, inspired by my mother and our bond...owls are all seeing, all knowing, silent and magical creatures...they can see the secrets in everyone...
her main body is coiled in a basket formart, to create a womb like vessel...a hollow place for hideing our secrets...a safe place to nest. rose eyes...a coiled beak and feet. she has stuffed wings and head.
at the moment, due to my inability to brind the tree home, she is currently perched in the kitchen at home...
you would even know she was there
if she wasnt neon green

image overload!!!

these are some of my lovely owl, which i am most proud have to admit she is a real charmer...
(found materials inc. buttons, patterned fabric and lace. stuffed with wadding and sand)

my god the relief i just felt finally haveing some new images to look at!!! hooray!!!

next please