Sunday, November 13, 2011

Every so often I get the bug. When it bites, there's very little to be done only to give in totally to the loose plannings and processes when took up much of 4 years of my life. Once I get into it, Im quite happy, and  like the results...then wonder why I don't let myself get carried away like this more often.
Anyway, Eoghain, dear darling baby brother, often gives out for various different reasons. One of the things he barks about is clothing...the lack of originality. The price of clothes which are quality...and a bit original. Etc...So I said that I would make t-shirts for him.
That was a couple of months ago, and honestly, I have been thinking about them, and doing little sketches for them, but hadn't really sat down and done anything serious until yesterday.
Now, today, the Sketches made it onto fabric. Exciting times, I know. If the final result is worth showing, it will be here first. Fingers crossed !

I might get the repeat pattern professionally printed...might...maybe :)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

This is my newest work in progress, and as of yet has not settled with a name. It keeps changing. Something pops into my head and I think, "Yes, that fits"...then it doesn't anymore, and I change my mind and want to keep that title for something else. Anyhow, this is coming along quite slowly, but Im happy thus far. Might get it finished by monday...hopefully.
Also, working of print designs for a few t-shirts Im doing for my little bro. Just sketched out one, and I must say, it looks a bit wicked. I think he will be well pleased, and might even honor me by wearing it from time to time :)