Sunday, November 13, 2011

Every so often I get the bug. When it bites, there's very little to be done only to give in totally to the loose plannings and processes when took up much of 4 years of my life. Once I get into it, Im quite happy, and  like the results...then wonder why I don't let myself get carried away like this more often.
Anyway, Eoghain, dear darling baby brother, often gives out for various different reasons. One of the things he barks about is clothing...the lack of originality. The price of clothes which are quality...and a bit original. Etc...So I said that I would make t-shirts for him.
That was a couple of months ago, and honestly, I have been thinking about them, and doing little sketches for them, but hadn't really sat down and done anything serious until yesterday.
Now, today, the Sketches made it onto fabric. Exciting times, I know. If the final result is worth showing, it will be here first. Fingers crossed !

I might get the repeat pattern professionally printed...might...maybe :)


Jane O Sullivan said...

sounds like a good bug to get !
great work shelly happy for you to be on a roll :)
the designs are really cool

Richael said...

!! Thanks Jane. Yes, it was a very good bite I must say. I got both of the boy's t-shirt's done, going to wash them tomorrow and hopefully the pigment will have worked...might even do a bit of embroidery onto them, who knows ?! :)