Thursday, January 28, 2010

Live every day like you've just been born.

I'm wearing red jasper over my heart and sugilite on a longer chain to try and even myself out a little. The jasper is working in so far as I'm very motivated today and I know that I am going to get things done. The sugilite is also working because I saw my mark for my assessment and didnt even flinch...put that in your pipe and smoke it!
Im after looking at some lovely things on the internet and they're really inspiring me, so Im feeling good, feeling peppy!
The sooner this thesis gets handed in the better...FREEDOM!

I just went up stairs and awaiting me was a brown envelope on my table. Written feedback. We get individual feedback next week...and written feedback today. Scary...And just goes to prove that they really dont have a grasp on my project. Pity about them, the poor creatures.

Monday, January 25, 2010

10 days later

Last wednesday was a day of horrors. I had my wonderful assessment which could definately gone better, but no matter. Thursday and Friday then were eventless, because I was recovering from shock. Saturday was magical. I had an ISIS with one of Alex's (my) friends, which sorted out everything. Then yesterday I spent in town with my lovely Kylemore girls. So a bit low, but everything since has been enjoyable:)

Alex with Marmalade our Galway cat.
Eoghain and Keelin in the Roisin Dubh for my Graduation. I love this photo. The lights in the smoking area give everything such a nice glow.

Gwyn lying on the snow and ice covered road...not a care in the world.

Reilly, possibly about to sneeze :)

Friday, January 15, 2010

its wonderful to have the internet again!

Im back in Galway, not sure if thats a good or bad its a good thing im sure. Im sorry for the drought, but when theres no internet access...theres no internet access. end of. So im just throwing these up here, just so i feel that ive gotten them off my hardrive. Their only research, so arent great, but more to come so stay tuned:) Cant wait to put my samples up, its going to be fun! These first images are basically of knots. I know thats what they look like but the intention is for them to display or show in a non literal way the person's personality they represent. Without going into too much detail, people who are very particular about things...their knots will be streamline and measured and precise...people who are a bit scatty or energetic...well you get the picture...Colour is really inportant here...not just because i LOVE colour, but also because each colour is specifically chosen for that person for a particular reason.
My other bit of a wall showing Elaine and Keelin