Friday, September 28, 2012

We like Red Spots

Last night was the opening of the wonderful "Animals Everywhere" exhibition which is held in McGing's pub in Westport over the next two weeks.
I was beside myself when I saw not one, but THREE red spots next to Stronger Together (as it's an edition of 3, in that size...)

I actually had to pinch myself.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Animals Everywhere !!!

Calm a Llama Down

Delicate Act

The Westport Arts Festival is coming up soon, something I look forward to quite a bit. It's practically on my doorstep and it never fails to deliver something memorable. I've been lucky enough to have actually displayed work in the last two festivals and I'm hoping to manage to weasel my way in to another exhibition this year. 
The theme for the McGing's show is Animals Everywhere...too perfect, right?
These two pieces I have had in my head, meaning to do them, for ages...but things cropped up, and life happen, so there in my head they had to stay. But! I am relieved they are now out in the world, in their bubble wrap lined manilla envelope and being transported to Westport as I type. The colours are rich and a bit full on in their A5 format (specific for the show) but I have a good feeling. They will be a small colorful window in that otherwise cozy old-fashioned lovely pub.
Also, Stronger Together is going too just because :)