Wednesday, January 26, 2011


As a Textile artist, of sorts, I've collected quite an amount of fabric over the last 5 years especially.
At the start of last week, I pulled out everything and tried to make some sort of sense out of it.
Usually people gift me their cast offs (which is awesome, and I love it) but most of the time, I don't take the time, at the time, to sift through them, and make executive decisions about what should stay, and what should go...
What will actually get used at some point, and what is going to be taking up tons of space.
So I did that, and put all the things that, not in a fit would I ever use, into a 3 garbage bags for the charity shop...
But, in my travels, I stumbled across these which Im so pleased I found, because I totally forgot I even had them!

This is a small scrap of what might be upholstery fabric, I'm hazarding a guess, because I haven't a clue...Im not crazy about the neutral background, but all in all, I really like it, and want to do something with it that doesn't destroy it too much...I'm thinking about it...

This is a pillowcase cover...I can just imagine whoever stitched it, didn't enjoy what they were doing very much, either that, or they purposefully wanted it to look that way...It looks more like the way you mite paint it, rather then stitch it...I want to get some embroidery thread and tidy it up a bit...fill in the bowl, change some of the colors around, and then either make it into a very simple messenger bag, or leave is as it is, in its original purpose...I don't have nearly as many cushions as I would like ;)

This is, I am assuming, a table runner...for some reason I didn't take an overall picture of it...but anyway...its a longish oval-ish shape, and I do really like the detail...but Im not crazy about the and orange/yellow/red don't get on very yes...I'd like to do a bit of a job on it...

And finally, another cushion cover, you can totally see the difference between this one and the first one...completely different style and feel...And because it is so perfect, Im not going to rush into this one...I think it mite be nice to sort of deconstruct it, in a way...take elements from the design and repeat them, faded, away from the flowers...growing across into the white space...
Im not sure yet...I don't want to destroy it...

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Welcome, welcome, one and all...
I had to give my poor, sad, lonely little blog a happy, cheery, and colorful new header...I think it brightens the whole thing up, don't you?
I got those little rubber band things in Penny's the last time I was in Ballina with Queen Meabh and Queen Jane ;)
Along with a pack of dinosaur shaped ones...and an assorted pack of animal ones...because I had my fingers crossed that there mite be a nice cat shape...o.O
Unfortunately not...But I do like the letters...even if I don't have an A or a C and I had to edit a V and a D in photoshop to make them for the purpose of the header...
I. Love. Photoshop...more then mere words can describe....

Thank You, Boy, for getting it for me :)

I have a TON of projects that Im mulling up and simmering...Most of which are Top don't hold your breath for any sneak peaks...but just to whet your is a commission...well two are...sort of...and one is a collaboration.
Excitement :)

I'm so happy I have something to do
Make all the difference in the world, doesn't it?!


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Monday, January 3, 2011

Its like an etch-a-sketch !

Dad walks in: What'cha doing?
Me, slightly turning my head to face him: Nuthin much...did you get the hay for the donkeys?
Dad's face drops slightly and a confused look crosses it: WHAT is THAT?? Is that Eoghain's...
I smile and move the pen tool across the tablet to demonstrate: Yep, I've been drawing all morning, see? :)
Dad smiles, still looking confused as ever: IT'S LIKE AN ETCH A SKETCH!!!
Confused look is transferred onto my face, while he looks like he has discovered the secret of eternal life: EH....yeah...I guess you could say that...and updated version... o.O

I installed the Bamboo Tablet onto my computer last night...well early this morning if Im being entirely truthful. I had heard of them, but I never really looked in to it...but after spending a few hours with it, I can definitely see the appeal...and I think I am definitely going to spoil myself for my birthday and get one...I mean I was only MESSING this morning, but I'm still chuffed with what I could do...its not great, but its definitely a start...a very good start :)