Thursday, January 13, 2011

Welcome, welcome, one and all...
I had to give my poor, sad, lonely little blog a happy, cheery, and colorful new header...I think it brightens the whole thing up, don't you?
I got those little rubber band things in Penny's the last time I was in Ballina with Queen Meabh and Queen Jane ;)
Along with a pack of dinosaur shaped ones...and an assorted pack of animal ones...because I had my fingers crossed that there mite be a nice cat shape...o.O
Unfortunately not...But I do like the letters...even if I don't have an A or a C and I had to edit a V and a D in photoshop to make them for the purpose of the header...
I. Love. Photoshop...more then mere words can describe....

Thank You, Boy, for getting it for me :)

I have a TON of projects that Im mulling up and simmering...Most of which are Top don't hold your breath for any sneak peaks...but just to whet your is a commission...well two are...sort of...and one is a collaboration.
Excitement :)

I'm so happy I have something to do
Make all the difference in the world, doesn't it?!



Anonymous said...

So excited for you darling! It's great to see you full of beans again! You go girl, you have so much to give to the world :)


Jane O Sullivan said...

I love the new header shelly , it is so jolly and fun and of course you have commisions and projects(and lots more to come......)
lucky people to have asked you , it was only a case of time (a case of time....hmmmm)
so happy that you are happy happy that I am and you are too xxx

Richael said...

Thanks for stopping by Kamila :) I am definitely full of beans, totally overflowing in fact! You website is looking well :) I do peep in often, to check up on you ;)

And happy is as happy does Jane, and Im quietly content with my lot at the moment :) I think Im setting real, workable 'goals' for myself, and that feels wonderful...without too much pressure, from anyone other then myself...which is the way it should be, really...isn't it...when your in the line of work that we are in...we are our own bosses, we have to work at our own pace, when it is ready to be worked...if we don't tune in to ourselves, nothing we produce will be of any worth...
mini rant over...!
yes, Im very happy...everything is good :D