Monday, July 9, 2012

Every so often, I get this overwhelming urge to paint. Im almost always drawing, which is so un-messy it doesn't feel real. There is no mixing of colour, no waste, no trial runs. I have it down to such a precise science at the moment it's lost something tangible. So that when the fished piece is printed, I don't even feel like I did it.

So when I get the urge to Paint, really paint, all other things stop. I cant concentrate on anything else when the bug bites.
I'd been looking at the ugly wooden box my dad made to stop the draft coming down the chimney when we weren't using the fire. There was nothing pretty about it, even the colour put me off going into the sitting room. I had searched high and low for something worthy of going onto that box. To dress it up, but also to sit in pride of place, the hearth protector, the house guardian. I played around with the idea of continuing on with the modonna theme I already have around the fireplace, but I wouldn't trust myself enough to do that. Then, looking through a style magazine from 3 years ago, I zoomed in on a Bestival poster and had my Eureka moment!

The simple shapes, the Owl, of course, The pose, it was all pretty perfect. So I set to work Friday night, priming the box with white. Then spent all day Saturday and Sunday morning, Painting. 
I am beyond chuffed with it, and of course mum loves it. And It just looks so lovely in the sitting room that I would happily sit in there now, with that lovely protective owl watching over me.

(I have always loved painting wood and revamping old furniture...god help the chest of drawers and closet in my room...I have far too many ideas for both!)