Monday, January 3, 2011

Its like an etch-a-sketch !

Dad walks in: What'cha doing?
Me, slightly turning my head to face him: Nuthin much...did you get the hay for the donkeys?
Dad's face drops slightly and a confused look crosses it: WHAT is THAT?? Is that Eoghain's...
I smile and move the pen tool across the tablet to demonstrate: Yep, I've been drawing all morning, see? :)
Dad smiles, still looking confused as ever: IT'S LIKE AN ETCH A SKETCH!!!
Confused look is transferred onto my face, while he looks like he has discovered the secret of eternal life: EH....yeah...I guess you could say that...and updated version... o.O

I installed the Bamboo Tablet onto my computer last night...well early this morning if Im being entirely truthful. I had heard of them, but I never really looked in to it...but after spending a few hours with it, I can definitely see the appeal...and I think I am definitely going to spoil myself for my birthday and get one...I mean I was only MESSING this morning, but I'm still chuffed with what I could do...its not great, but its definitely a start...a very good start :)

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Finolala said...

That's the tablet I got for christmas. So addictive. So fun. It's like painting with an entirely unlimited amount of colours, and an undo button.