Sunday, July 13, 2008

for you my heart

i had trouble sleeping last night...i was so awake. i think i went to bed at around 4 but couldnt even bare shutting my eyes.
this morning i woke up early to see a familiar light. though the cracks of the blinds, this pale light was creeping in. it was the same light that i saw in the summers in the states. that pale, nearly yellow light that always means that its going to be so hot you wont be able to breathe at around noon, and that there are thunder showers on the way. the most amazeing feeling swept over me, something i havent felt for the place in a long time
i swore the last time that i would never go back again, but i think its time. maybe the summer after next ill be ready to give it another go, but for now i will just be a little 'home' sick for the warmth, the light and the storms

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