Thursday, April 26, 2012

Independents Day !

I went. I saw. I enjoyed!

Yes yes yes! The Independents' Day zine fair was this Sunday just gone in the Dublin Food Co-Op (in the Liberties...something I didn't know till I got there). And I am still a very happy and excited little cat after it. I was so excited to just be there that I was actually talking to complete strangers (lovely strangers and all) and more than likely made a slight fool of myself. Or maybe I just came across as enthusiastic. Ill go with enthusiastic for now!
My lovely cousin put me up, and after a cozy night's sleep (with an open fire no less) and breakfast with real coffee, he brought me to the venue. Being enthusiastic, I was the very first stall holder there. I think the organizers got a wee shock. But yes. Yes, I was there, and totally excited :)
The Dublin Food Co-Op is held in what I think is a warehouse of some description. They have long lengths of fabric which make a lovely canopy overhead, and it's very open and bright and nice. There is also a permanent mini cafe in the back corner where they make things like avocado on toast with garlic blossoms, and rooibos tea. So I was sort of in heaven all day.
Being only the second zine fair I've ever been too or been a part of, I was pleasantly surprised to see many familiar faces from the last one I did. Even more surprised when people remembered me! How lovely. Nice familiar faces included : Jess of ESC, Jane  , The dude with the intimidateingly amazing comics, Elida with SLOW and of course many unfamiliar but equally lovely zine-sters, customers, organizers and friends of friends.

There was a lovely atmosphere, lovely people, lovely food and really cool music and it was a privilege to be a part of something so edgy and different. I'm already looking forward to the next one, and have a few little ideas hatching away. 
Thanks to all who organized the event, took part, bought stuff, swapped things, came and saw and supported me and all of us of this wacky journey - bringing colour and interesting things to the masses on a completely do it yourself indie way. Viva La Revolucion!


Jessica Maybury said...

dearest Shelky,

I thought of what we can do! I bought these zines from etsy that this guy wrote, right, and there's 25 of them. Each one has a story, and he wrote a story each day for 25 days and then made these. We could do that! Except maybe not 25 because because that's a terribly long time.

Shelky Bean said...

ooo oooo ooooo! I love eet! Tell me, would there be a theme, length, min or max word count? Would you write one and then I write a response, like you write a bit, I continue on etc etc? I think you are defo onto something there though, sounds very very cool and do-able :)