Sunday, May 25, 2014

Flowers for Gwyn

We adopted you from the MSPCA when I was in my Junior Cert year. You had been wandering around the foot of Croagh Patrick for a little while, pulling on the heartstrings of tourists and people living in the area for meals. A Black Fairy Dog. No one knew where you had come from...did your original owner die and not provide for you...what was your original name? We don't know, but you were a bit of a mystery. A quiet, polite Labrador, even at dinner time. You spent the first few days as sentinel, lying at the front door, or the side door, taking it all in and standing guard. You and Reilly instantly got on. In fact, you were perfect from the very first day, no adopted doggie teething problems. And Eoghain named you Gwyn. 

Of course, being a lovely Lab, you were drawn to water like a dog shaped magnet. No matter how invisible it was, you would find in. In every shape and form. Daily dips in the river - rain, hail, snow or blow, but especially in the summer to cool off. Dew drops where an accessory you wore with pride, and I will miss kissing them off your snout. Black as night, you were truly radiant in snow. And it was always adorable see you snuffling for something buried underneath.

You could disappear within the landscape, which is why I really think you were actually a fairy dog, and reappear somewhere I didn't expect. You were solid, and grounded and steady. Which in turn grounded us around you. And placid. So gentle. So easy going. 

Yin and Yang, you and Reilly. No two dogs could be more opposite in energy and looks, but having said that, you complemented each other so well, and spent so much time together just hanging out. And when the cats came, you welcomed them like a mother bear. Providing a nook for them to sleep in and a friendly face. You were an amazing watch dog, first to sound the alarm, and only ever for good reason. You were very discerning that way. And other ways picking only the ripe blackberries off the briars to eat.
Reilly misses you desperately.

Gwyn-dy, you loved belly rubs, and I'm pretty sure if you could have them 24/7, that still wouldn't satisfy. You also did funny doggie yoga, like this hip opening pose, and could stay like this for up to 3mins...I timed you. Upside down vampire doggie smile also made me crack up. You were incredibly funny in your own quiet how you would steal spuds as we would dig them, and then pretend that you hadn't just been caught red handed. You also did this clever thing of distracting Reilly during dinner by sounding the 'fake' alarm, so you could rob his food - very sneaky but so clever we couldn't be cross with you.

Gwyn, you were always first to announce our arrival, and always there to greet us with a smile when we got home. You loved everyone unconditionally (which must be written into the Labrador code of ethics somewhere) even people afraid of dogs loved you. Walks with you were ambling and steady, taking in every little detail, appreciating life in all its forms. You seemed to get younger as you got older (a lessen to us all) and stayed a true lady till the bitter end.
Gwyn, my heart, our hearts are broken. You have been such a huge part of our lives, such an inspiration, a care giver, friend, companion, protector, beautiful soul and gentle loving creature. We will always love you and wish you blessings on your way.
Thank you for coming into our lives, lovely girl xxx

Flowers for Gwyn


Jane O Sullivan said...

oh Shelly , so beautiful , me in tears here :(
so hard is love ..........but so lucky we to find it xxx

Christine Fay said...

Beautiful and fitting words for Gwyn. A very touching rememberance. <3