Wednesday, May 21, 2014

What was I thinking?

Possibly I'm regressing. Or maybe I'm making up for never getting the whole 'doll thing' when it was age appropriate. Or maybe I just shouldn't be allowed out of the house with money burning a hole in my pocket...but this is what I picked up yesterday, for no other reason then I had to have her.

Meet Catrine DeMew, a Monster High doll. She's the daughter of a Werecat and appears to like drawing, a lot and as far as I can gather she's a vegetarian. She is all jointed and even her tail moves. There were loads of different ones, and doubles and triples of almost all of them except her. And while I was getting a kick out of all of them, and thought they were pretty cool, when I excavated Her box out from behind all the rest I nearly squealed (or maybe I actually did) with delight.
A freaking cat girl doll. I mean...could I really resist?
I could. But I would have been sad. And that's all I'm going to say to justify it. I would have regretted not getting her, so I did. And she's awesome.
She comes with a stand, a little coffin with her art supplies and she's pretty easy to pose. If nothing else, she's a little mascot for me on my desk.

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