Saturday, May 10, 2014

All round Grey

I dare you not to love grey
The colour of  ducks 
and doves 
and down 
and swans 
and clouds 
and dreams 
and sleep.

I am feeling under the weather and the thought of drawing is making me feel ill (which is a sure sign that I'm not feeling great). But because of my genes, I can't lay idyl, so I decided to sort out my sewing box...which is one of those jobs that always gets left to last. For me, anyway. But I love it, I totally indulge the compulsion to have all the colours in groups, tonally, arranging them so they sit next to their complementary colours, making sure all the same brands and kinds are together...It is about the only thing in my whole studio that is meticulous...until I go to use it again.

Yesterday when I got home from work, Boo was waiting for me, slightly off centre (but he is anyway). Which was fitting, as it was Squeek's two year anniversary, and basically Boo's birthday. Happy Birthday Little Dude

And, during this week in the shop, this too cute flower pot came in (two of them, plastic, probably some sort of kid's toy or part of a set for showing kids how to grow fun stuff). ANYWAY, I had to have them, you know, for growing tiny beh beh plants in. And also for posing ridiculous scenarios such as this one. Pilea plant with snow leopard and giraffe. To go with the grey/orange theme of today's blog post, obviously.

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