Saturday, May 17, 2014

Work in Progress

On your Mat, Balancing Act  and Portal

I've been working on these the last three weeks or so in isolation of each other. So I was pleased this morning when I discovered that they actually balance each other out, as I hope to show them as a set when they are finished.

I am still working out what it is that I am working out...if that makes sense. Which I think most artists spend their lives doing. Over and over again.


Jane O Sullivan said...

wow oh wow Shelly , super work !!
Yes , you are right , that is what we do , always wondering what it is we do , when we know , there will be no more working out our work......thats why artists stay so young (fingers crossed) as they never give up the search , knowing the fine delicate balance of seeing it in the distance , holding in our sight but never fully closing down the meaning on our subject we know all the endless possibilities and variations of invention(we hope :)

Shelky Bean said...

Thank you Jane.
Yes, I read today that there is no cure for curiosity, which is what it's all about, isn't it? The world is so fascinating and working it out could take a lifetime. But what a wonderful way to spend that life :)