Friday, June 20, 2014

It's time to make...

Elderflower Cordial!

The most lovely thing to do this time of year, is to capture that magic sun and bottle it. Stored correctly, you can drink up the sunshine throughout winter. With Midsummer fast approaching, make the most of the long days and short nights. Go on, get out there and forage!
Ever wanted to make your own? There's still time and it couldn't be easier:

20 bunches of flowers
2.5 pints of boiling water
3.5 lbs sugar
2tsp citric acid (you can get this in the chemist)

Put everything into a large bowl or saucepan (something you won't miss for a few days) and pour over the water. Stir and cover, leave this for five days somewhere it won't be disturbed. Strain into sterilized, sealable bottles, or make into ice cubes to store in the freezer.
Mix with sparkling water for Champagne!

Elderflower, or Boo trees, are literally everywhere. They can be found along hedgerows, growing next to old ruins of buildings, and in most rural fields. Be sure you know what your looking for before you go out. And if you've left it too long and are picking Elderberries instead, make sure to cook them before you eat them or a nasty case of food poisoning awaits me, I know.


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