Sunday, May 16, 2010

The market...Galway City's saving grace

I had a lovely few hours break in the market yesterday with dearest friend Jane for company.
  1. I got a bakers dozen of bagesl, all flavour and sizes...well not really, their all about the same size. The bagel dude is really nice...and they even have their own bags now...they never used to. They used to just put them in a paper bag...but now their in plastic so I'm hopeing they'l last me into the week.
  2. I also treated myself to some of Daniel's delicious has been so long! They are devine, melt in your mouth good, and moreish...which is good for Daniel...but bad for my hips:)
  3. I bought myself a simply b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l. plate off Jane. It is a wonderful shape, sort of a rounded rectangle, and has the most delicate painting of a wild looking rose in watery blue and green. I could not go home without it. I must find out what it is for exactly. Im planning on just putting a little tea light on it in my room, or a tiny vaze with one single daisy, or devils bit scabbia...devine!
  4. And, for my sins, I also got this wonderful crocheted pale purple and white blanket...perfect for snuggling up under when watching a film during the winter, or for the end of my bed...or just over my legs when I'm sewing to provide that extra bit of warmth and comfort. All my 'little' blankets are in mayo, so I just had to have it you know...
A woman bought this wonderful 1970s bed spread off Jane yesterday too...I think the print of it was of daiseys...but there was something so fresh about it, if I had seen it sooner, I would have nabbed it! :)
I think its important to have nice things. Now nice does not mean expensive as I have grown up knowing. Nice can mean an ergonimically shaped mug which fits your had perfectly that you come across in a charity shop for 50 cent...or it can be hand crocheted blanket that someone spent hours and hours making.
Speaking of which, Jane lent me Handmade Nation by Faythe Levine and Cortney Heimerl. And eventhough I am 'that way inclined' I do thing crafty, hand-madey, diy things are coming more and more into fashion, if not for a practical, ethical slant, then certainly because the 'one off, I did this myself' look is very, very in vogue.

So I've made a late new years resolution, and Im going to start making more...making more of everything. Food, clothes, presents, cards etc etc etc. I dont have an excuse...and it is very cool afterall

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Jane O Sullivan said...

lovely post shelly ....put some images up when you get time pet lamb xx