Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bon Bon...sweet as a nut

I met up with Siobhan yesterday...haven't seen her in over two years!
It was so nice.
I was sitting in the Spanish Arch with a french cookie from the new bakery next to Evergreen, and a Vanilla Late, and scanning the crowds of tourists and people, across the street I could see hair and then a skinny hand scratching akwardly at the hair, and I knew for sure it was Bon Bon...its funny how little mannerisms like that stay with us, isnt it?

So then we walked up town, only to realise that we should have stayed where we were.
Then we walked back down, all around South Park, out Mutton Island. Then I took her to see the exhibition, she got to have a cheeky sneak peak at everything and was pretty inpressed, which I was chuffed about. She loved my work, Keelin's work, and Emer's work especially. She also thinks that we textile people are completely mental...the ammount of work we do etc etc...

Then after that, I brought her back into town and we went to Kelly's for a few jars to shoot the breeze and catch up.

It was really really nice. Just being in her company is nice. I filled her in with news about people that shes not in contact with anymore, and vice versa...and we talked about college and her work, and friends and everything really.

And eventho, we only spent one day together, thats all me and her seem to need. We get out fill and catch up and check in, and make sure the other is still sane and on the right path and happy, and healthy, then we hug, tell the other we miss them and love them and go our separate ways.

Bon Bon, really is a 'forever' friend...because it doesnt matter how long it has been or what has happened or how far away from each other we are...when were together, its like we were never apart.
So shes more then a friend...she really is the sister I never had, and I love her and I miss her

Thanks for a great day Bee XxX

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