Saturday, May 15, 2010

I am just SO inspired by the nice things I find on my friend's list.
For my next post I'm planning on shareing a few things that I have found from each...
Exciting...its like research, only fun!

I've gotten up quite early the last couple of days and been full/half full of energy.
I'm just about to sprint into town to pick up some bagels fresh from the market...hopefully their are some left.
I was reminiscing last night with Alex about the delli one block away from my house in America when I was a kid...during the summer especially when the weather was really nice, mum would ask me to walk up to the delli and get bagels for breakfast...and orange juice.
And they were the yummiest bagels Ive ever so good :)

I miss certain things about America.
I miss going on walks with mum around the neighborhoods in the evenings...or going up the mountain most sundays with daddy and the rest of the family and shadow...
I miss those scorching hot days, and driving on the highway with the window down and no air conditioning...


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