Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The eye of the storm

I am feeling quite calm today, after the extremely stressful events of yesterday. Of course when the digital printers phoned for my credit card details, I gave them the wrong number, thinking it was right...which left me in a state when they told me it wasnt.
Have no fear, it is all sorted now...and I did my victory dance around the house and everything.
Im expecting my digital prints today...and if they come I will be a happy bunny indeed...

I went for a walk to the beach yesterday...I am going to miss it incredibly when I move home for the next 8 months...

The ocean and the distant Clare mountains center me like no other thing can... Although, when I see pictures like this...I think Ill be centered enough :)

1 comment:

Jane O Sullivan said...

new moon tommorow shelly all is well , great time for planting new ideas , seeds , any new thing at all ....glad you got sorted and I will pick you some bog cotton xx