Friday, April 1, 2011

Mother's day cards

Dad wanted me to go to town to get Nana a mother's day card from him...
But why, I ask you, when I can just whip one up myself??

Nothing beats a hand made card...especially when you can turn yourself and your brother and mum into, you wouldn't get one like THAT from Hallmark ;)

Im at the compiling stage of all my projects. Research is so important. Done throughly, and you wont be wasting any time later on. Of course you can research too much, but its about getting a nice balance...knowing when you have just enough general stuff to work from, and whittle down to a more concise collection. 
Owls of course are on the cards, when are they not?! Cats are a must, along with several other animals that I have been becoming interested in recently. 
Words, phrases, lyrics and specific sentences which hold relevance and meaning for me, are being jotted down and mulled over.
Shapes...round shapes. Don't ask why, Ive not figured that one out yet.
And quite a lot of darkness...although that is just in my minds eye, and Im hoping that when I get down to it, it wont be as dark as Im imagining, as that would be very unlike me.

As for the zine's, now that summer addition is not happening, I have more time to get what I really want out of them, out of them...and that is very exciting. If I had allowed myself to go at them in a rush, I would be fearful that the result would be some unpolished, angst ridden compilation, a regurgitation of the last several months, and as cleansing as that would be, I don't think it would be doing me any favors in the long run. So, now with more time to spend on them, Ill be able to make sure that they are something that I will be able to stand over, and not just another forum for me to vent through.

I started embroidering on those pillowcases there the other is going to be a very very slow process, and the end result will be so expensive, that I will probably have to get the damn things ensured...probably should have factored that in when I was think of doing them in the first place...oh well...Itl be worth it... o.O

A very good weekend wished to all of you, and a happy start to the month of April...boy is she greeting us with some weather!!

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Jane O Sullivan said...

the cards are WONDERFUL x