Monday, April 11, 2011

Back to work!!

This is a picture of the first, of a new body of work. I didn't want to ruin the 'grand revel' so Squeek did me the favor of sprawling out of top of it. What is it with cats? They can be given then coziest little nook at the bottom of your bed, complete with hand crocheted violet and white blanket, and a sliver of early afternoon sun, and they will still insist on either curling up in your lap, when you are in no position to accommodate them, or they go and lie on a still wet work in process. 
Cardboard + tissue paper, no matter how you dress it up, is not nearly as comfy as blanket + sun. 
And then it makes me it because she really likes the drawing, that she wants to be closer to it, or is it the opposite?
Just evolve to be able to talk, you silly kitty, and tell me what you are up to !?

All joking aside, I have started 4 drawings this week. AMAZING, I know. And by started, I mean, they are all at a stage where I didn't know what to do next, so I left them and moved on to another one, instead of panicking and making a mess of drawings that I'm pretty happy with for the moment. None of them are anywhere near finished, but they are started, and that makes me feel all giddy, and giggly and girly and silly :)

The one I started today, actually turned in to two. And Im inventing these invented, I mean, happen across totally by accident...And that is just making me excited about a lot of other ideas in my head. I also know that this drawing that I ended up doing by accident, I will never be able to part with, not that I think anyone will ever want it...but I just couldn't bare to see it go. I like it too much.
Sort of like the polar bear drawings.
Layers and textures...textures are not something that I bring in to my work at all, which is ironic, coming from a background in Textiles...what is it they say about going against how you were raised...I think Im rebelling or something at the moment...or forever...Im like..."No NO more fabric. Get it OUT of my sight!! Give me FABRIANO and watercolors, and markers, and INK!!! To hell with thread and cotton and EMBROIDERY HOOPS...hellO tissue paper!!"

But Im totally loving it. There is something very normal feeling, about sitting for hours and hours mulling over a drawing, going back to my ideas book, finding what I need and adding it in. Or leaning over so much into the drawing Im working on, that I feel a part of it, as I fill in these tiny little squares I've drawn with a tiny paintbrush, only to paint over the whole thing, a moment later...
It sounds insane, but it's making me feel so grounded and sane at the moment, that I feel ecstatic...I wake up, have something small for breakfast, maybe a cup of tea. Get dressed properly, I cannot work in casual clothes...I don't  really  own any casual clothes then go straight into it. Get everything set up and start working. 
Its wonderful.
I love it :)

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