Thursday, April 7, 2011

Im working on a painting at the moment, and I SO excited about it its not even funny.
Granted, when I started it, I didn't really know what I was doing, I was throwing things, not really certain if any of it made any sense, of it would all sit well together. But today, well...its just sitting pretty.
And Im starting to understand what Im doing, and why. Im starting to make connections within the very odd and disjointed personal mythology that I have assembled over the last few years, and they are all coming to the surface and making themselves readily available to me.
And it is exciting.
I know what this body of work will be called, and the reason for it being named that.
I know, already, what things will link the pieces together, to ensure it all makes sense.
I know what each piece will look like, what they will all say, how they will all feel, how big they will be, and how they will engage with they're audience.
I know it all.
And it is filling me with such a feeling of energy and anticipation, that I would happily go without sleep for the next 6 months in order to get them all done.
This first one...I wish I could put it up...but if art college taught me anything, its that, people will steal your idea's and make them their I wont put anything up here, until Im totally ready with it...give me some time to get a few of them done.

But just know that, so far, so good...and Im excited about the next few babies to come.

Bring it


Jane O Sullivan said...

oooohhhh I am excited too shelly and you are right wait until the work is out of you before you show it .....difficult one I know , but worth the patience .
Good luck with the birth , I know you can do it xx

Richael said...

Kind wise words as always, Jane ^_^