Thursday, October 14, 2010

Moon Child-I hope you change your mind...

Ta Da! I think Ive fallen in love with this one, and I don't know how i will part with her, but I will never the less :)
Once again...she is coiled, I used cotton yarn, which i dyed last year...this ball in particular went into the dye bath tied up too tightly, so it dyed in different tones, from very dark blue...down to a pale, nearly white blue.
Again, her hair is marino wool, just stitched on to the actual face, and then the braid running across, is stitched in as well. Found star and heart...not sure where they came from originally...but the heart is a locket, which is fully functioning :)
And have to have feathers:)

I painted on her lips because she looked a bit cross...and gave her eyeliner and
Now she looks really pretty :)


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