Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Brave Heart

I think, really and truly...only certain people get these...they are pretty mad to say the least about them...but also, not blowing my own trumpet, I think they are pretty amazing too:)
I think they challenge people. Dad came into my room last night when I was painting the lips onto 'the key to my heart' and he didn't even say anything for a while, he just stood beside me and smiled. But he smiled in a good an 'i can appreciate how much time and effort went into that' kind of way. And he held it, and examined it...and said that he liked it...etc.
And you'd be surprised the type of people who 'get' things like this...they come from all walks...young, old...etc. But its also interesting watching people interact with them as well...Some people will go over and be all up for it, and then a friend, or boyfriend, or mother gives them a look and they instantly change their mind...isn't it funny how easily influenced some people are. It makes me really happy that im not.

I think she is really sweet...even if she wasn't worn as a broach...who's to say you couldn't put a little slid clip on the back and wear her as a little head piece...or frame her and place her somewhere in your home...or add  her onto a bag... I think people are scared of things that are different...they cant see how you can normalize something, if the situation calls for it...or do the opposite...make it totally ironic and nuts all together...
I hope 'brave heart' finds someone lovely on saturday to go home with. She deserves that i think :)


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