Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Coiling is tedious...but lovely

This is the first of an unknown amount of 'doll faced' broaches...

This little cutie has been given a facelift, literally. I wish i had taken a pick of what she used to look like. But, yes, this one is for me, for keeps:) I think she's really sweet, and Im naming her 'the key to my heart'...get it...get it? :) She covers my palm completely, that gives you an idea of the scale. And i have used coiling for the blue base...which is so time consuming, but worth it i think...her hair is marino wool...i drew on the black of her eye...and the heart and key came off a necklace i bought off jane years ago, which i never ever wear :( Im going to put her on my coat, me thinks:)

So tomorrow, should be lots of fun:) Im long overdue a sewing day with jane:) And i really enjoyed making this little girl, cant wait to make more tomorrow!!!!

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