Monday, August 2, 2010

Rest over, back to work!

Ive been taking it really easy since I got back from London...well not that easy actually!
Eoghain's 21st has happened since I got back, and that took alot of prep, and aftercare...
plus that garden has been a bit of a nightmare to get back into shape, but I think its under control right about now :)

So now that Ive had a few weeks to recoup, and the house is back to normal, I can get back to work!
I work up this morning in a daydream, which hasnt happened to me in a long time...but in the daydream, I was painting something. So as soon as I could get my hand onto a piece of paper, and a pen, I quickly scribbled down what I was painting in the dream...

Now Im really excited to go and get started...

I know its late, but I do my best work at night :)

Oh, also, Im separating my all writing etc, will go on one, and this one will just be for art stuff... :)
Watch this space :)

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