Monday, August 30, 2010

Day 2

Day 02- The meaning behind your Blogger/Tumblr name.

Shelkybean...I was thinking about this this morning...and it took me ages to remember where it even came from, nevermind what it means.
I never had a nick name growing America where everything is shortened...people's names sometimes get shortened down to their first letter, like my mum's from Bernadette to B in the space of working in a school reception for a couple of days.

Mam named me Richael, because she figured it wouldnt be easy for people to shortened it...and she was right.
I had a difficult enough time getting people to say and spell it right, by the time they had mastered it, a nick name was the last thing on their minds.

But I always wanted a nick name

When I went to Kylemore, Siobhan took to calling me shelly...which then morphed into shelly belly...
Which actually stuck, amazingly enough.

And I think shelly belly then transformed into shelky bean through Alex.
She has always liked the word bean...its one of those words that she thinks sounds and then therefore is, *cute*

And shelky...well Id have to ask her where that came from.
But I think, its much the same...she thinks it sounds cute...

Shelkybean...I think its cute...
And its not just my blogger name.
She calls me Shelkybean all the time 

: )

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