Tuesday, June 23, 2009

a little bit anxious

i am feeling a little bit sick at the moment because, well...im scared
and being scared is a good thing
if your not scared, then your not paying attention to what is happening around you

the kylemore reunion is this friday, saturday and sunday...and yes, im brickin it at the moment.
i will be thrown together with, quite a few people i havent seen, or talked to, for 4 years.
im sort of hoping no one will recognise me, so i wont have to talk...
why do i do this to myself?!
i know il be fine, once i get there. i will be fine

social interaction is not my forte, and im also pretty crap at spelling too...
but i would regret not going,so, i have to.
i cant back out and it so close to it.

on the plus side, were going to london in a month, and the boy is so excited, hes in a good mood all the time...i cant get over it :)

i have also realised that i cant update my blog with images from home, ill have to do it from alex's house...damn this stoneage internet connection...

:rolls eyes and sighs:

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