Sunday, June 7, 2009


This is the boy dress up as a fairy, one of the last days we were in galway... one of the rare occasions my camera didnt break when he was infront of it...or he didnt run away screaming when i produced it...

Being at home is really liking the quiet, and the green, and the animals, and the certain amount of independence i have, eventho im pretty much house bound.
but i refuse to get a car...
so thats that.

Im working on something at the minute which i feel really good about and im really excited about it. its getting me up in the morning, so that has to be a major plus.
ive been searching the net for summer camps, or kids arts groups, but there doesnt seem to be anything local, and even if there was, theyve prolie cut back on all of those things now. So ill have to be enterprising this summer!

I have a piece in the ballybane library at the moment, when i get pics of that i will most definately put them up :)

The 4th year GMIT exhibition is on at the moment, so i must call down to see that before its over.

Im feeling positive about the summer, full moon tonight, also excited about that! im all set up at home and settled, and feeling positive about the next couple of months. im also feeling alot more energised, i think i was running on empty for awhile.

now i think its time for some tea?!

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