Friday, February 28, 2014

From the heart necklace...

A necklace I made to wear for an upcoming special occasion. I really enjoyed putting this together last nice. I have a special place in my heart for circles, and green (the colour of the heart chakra) is actually quite an appropriate colour for a wedding.
Over the years I have been given, gifted, acquired, collected and happened across lots of things which at the time I know will be useful for something one day...the constant mantra of the artist.  This is a perfect example of how those things, separately bits of nothing, can come together in a gentle working constellation.
You can call it recycling, up-cycling, being creative or cheap...I'm not labelling it. All I know is that I made something that I would have never found on the high street. That I will never see another one quite like it on someone else and that was completely put together with my own fair hands.
There is something magical and empowering about that, I think. Something very real and primal too.

Yes, I will bend this wire, so help me, and cut and stretch and search for just that one more THING! And there it is, ta dah! A circle-y collection of green...

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