Wednesday, March 26, 2014


So I have returned from my rambles abroad. While I was there it felt like such a long time. Now that I'm home only a week, it feels like a very long time ago. Time is strange that way.
I found the trip extremely inspiring and energizing. I'm full of ideas for my own work, and looking forward to finishing a big project that I can see a context for it. America is oh. so. big. Everything seems very possible there.

Check out these amazing bird houses (above) ...bird hotels...bird villas. I don't think there is an appropriate term for them, they are so magical. And with a lick of paint, some I think would look very like this...

Unfortunately, purple martins, the type of birds these little palaces are made for, will only nest in white houses. I guess they have standards too and prefer the timeless appeal of delicate white wash.
I experienced all the seasons while there...torrential rain, gale force winds, heavy snowfalls, and a little Indian Summer. It was suitably March-like in it's schizophrenia. But now that I'm home, the daffodils are up and the green fields are showing off against the dramatic light of Spring. Whenever I return home, I'm strongly reminded that I am right where I need to be. It's quite wonderful.

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Jane O Sullivan said...

Oh Shelly :)
I am SO SO glad that you are home, and that you got some creative distance whilst away , sure there'll be no stopping ye now girl xx