Friday, March 20, 2015

Independents Day

I wanted to do something different this time round. As a result, I've spent the last week or so, compiling inspirations and handwriting them - carefully - taking my time and being patient with myself. 
I wanted to make something that was a meditation in itself, that I could sink into and absorb, that felt like time had been spent on it (something that has interested me since college - the weight and meaning that time attaches to the objects/drawings/workings you create). 
A more positive spin on writing lines at school. To make something very obviously handmade. 


I'm not expecting people to do anything more than smile politely as they pass me by. I expect to see little knots of people tittering about my birds from a safe distance away (which I will get a real kick from.) I like the idea of people going home to their parents/partners/kids/flatmates and saying:
You'll never guess what I saw down at the Co-Op

That makes me smile, just thinking about it. 
I like creating mild controversy. And making things that I want to make. And it's great to have Independents Day as an excuse to make things that would otherwise probably remain in my notebook as scribbles, or wispy thoughts in my head. 


This is the last Independents Day I was at, in person. I'm really looking forward to this Sunday, it's going to be fun! Check out their blog for more details on everyone who will be there, directions and other cool stuff ^_^

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