Sunday, December 21, 2014

Where's Noel?

Last Friday I went to see An Evening with Noel Fielding in the Olympia, up in Dublin. For the record, it was pure magic, totally wonderful and completely inspiring, and I haven't stopped talking about it since. Food for the soul. Lovely, deep brilliance that will sustain me for another while :)

There was lots of lovely merchandise, and if I had bottomless pockets I would have picked up more than just the program. It's a stunning book, and has pride of place at the moment, nested into a display of cat paraphernalia, owls, a box of vintage magic poster post cards and all my most favorite things...

At the back of the program is a page of little characters from the show. Sweet little outlines in the style of paper dolls, almost, asking for you to colour, cut out and create, in the hopes of winning a Brian Ferry kite. Well, if I was a bit more hard core, I might have ripped that page straight out of the book and began filling in with crayons. But it's too precious, so I opted for the next best thing. 

I've taken the liberty of adding in Fantasy Man, my own polar bear and tiger and bringing everyone into my world. I wanted to finish it for the solstice (today) and while everything was still fresh in my mind from the show. I even put Noel into the shirt he wore on the night, to anchor it in reality.

I'm looking forward to seeing what other people come up with, but it would be nice to win the kite. That would be so cool.




Jane O Sullivan said...

absolutely fantastic Shelly , I love it and its great you captured all the magc you felt at the show which really lit your fire. so good to find our fellow conspiritors !! x

Shelky Bean said...

Thanks Jane! I had lots of fun doing this drawing, it was interesting to use his characters and not make up my own versions of them. :)