Thursday, October 30, 2014

Something New

Recently I have come across some time lapse videos of artists creating their work. Time lapse videos are so interesting because they capture the process of creating so clearly. So yesterday, with YouTube as my guide, I embarked on making my very own time lapse. 

I used quick time to take a screen recording (which may explain why the video is slightly blurry...or maybe I speeded it up too much?) which was exciting in itself. Recording in real time, decisions being made...I have edited all of the 'looking' in the beginning out because this really was just a learning exercise. Once I landed on the screen shot of Karla Crome from Misfits I knew that I was onto something. 

I have been playing around with a drawing for some time, and wanted to use her in it - she has a lovely, mournful face sometimes..My drawings are built up over time. They are usually made up of LOADS of layers, sometimes folders of layers on top of folders of layers. But each element ie. bodies, faces, hands, arms, background, animals etc, are all done on separate layers and basically independent of each other. In this way, they are built up, and completely editable. This gives me enormous freedom to play and mess and make mistakes without worrying about 'losing it' or ruining the finished piece.

I definitely plan on using this quick sketch in the future, and will make other time lapse videos of it's progress from quick sketch to finished piece.
I hope you enjoy and don't get too dizzy!

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