Wednesday, April 16, 2014


I think our relationship with colour changes throughout life. I used to not be able to entertain red at all, but in the last couple of years I've begun to appreciate it and sneak it in (admittedly forcefully) to my surroundings and wardrobe. Beige (tea, oatmeal, and browns) put me to sleep, but I've learned how to manage them and appreciate their gentle, grounding effect. Spring...Summer (what season is this officially now?!) used to be vibrant greens, soft pastel pinks and baby blue - I don't know if that stems from advertising or environment? But this year Spring is very much white, yellow and grey.
The bleeched white of the blackthorn in bloom - all of a sudden - like fluffy white clouds pinned down by the thorns. 

Not to mention the daffodils and narcissi, which are a riot of tones and textures. They are positively neon on dull days, and nearly vanish completely in full light! 

Grey is that soft colour that allows white to really show its brilliance and takes the sting out of yellow. Oh the glorious sun! How we appreciate your visits! 

1 litre Jupiler beer stein picked up in a charity shop in on Monday, chazzing with a dear friend. I love it's soft grey against the brilliance of yellow and cheeky pink. It's also a beautiful shape and has a wonderful weight to it. I can't imagine drinking beer from it though, it would be quite a workout!

My 'whites'. Nothing epitomizes a fine day in Ireland more than a washing line. Ignore if you can the chem trails in the background... 

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