Thursday, April 24, 2014

One many possibilities!

 I think one of the things that initially drew me to creating digital illustrations, rather than 'proper' paintings/drawings was the endless possibilities of manipulating them in the future, without the consequence of altering the original. Because drawings are so precious, to work into them really has to be 'your thing'...and it's not mine. I'm just too...fearful!
So for today's post I wanted to show how one drawing has turned into lots of things (this isn't even the half of it!)

I can't exactly remember what started me off with this piece initially, if it was a call for submissions or something that I had a dream about (often my drawings are based on dreams)...but this is one of the first loose sketches. I think this one was actually for Doodlers Anonymous, they were putting together a colouring book.

Because I didn't make it into their colouring book, I decided to make my own, Philophobia, which is available for purchase. See the last page...look familiar?

All your problems are in your curls, which was part of The Invisible Circus show evolved from the above. 

And now, I am getting a few bits together for a yoga studio down the country, which has kindly offered me a spot. I've been messing all morning and wanted to share (as I find the 'making of' images just as interesting as the finished piece. I love process...) And people always say - god, how do you do it...I can't even begin to work it out. Well, without spoiling the magic, because really that's what its is, here's the next best thing.

I don't think this lady is anywhere near being retired. Her potential and variations are literally endless. Check back to see her finished for this piece entitled Breathe out so I can breathe you in soon!

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