Thursday, April 15, 2010

Truely blue

I know the blog is looking mighty bare, but its all for a good reason...
I'm trying to be more sneaky is how I put images up as I dont want them to go running off with other people...paranoid...maybe. But these are my babies, and they cant just go home with strangers because someone is handing them candy.

So when I edit stuff, you will see it, my loyal followers...

:) but for now will leave you with some tasty treats :)
These are hand painted tiffin tins by nkuku...I haven't a clue where I found them, but their on the web somewhere, so just search them...I think their were about £60, but dont count on me to remember that either!
Then this little bunny is by Shauna Richaedson, found on Dazed today as suggested by Elaine

and this little doggie by stuart patience, found on the same website

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